Suitway was established in Changhua, Taiwan in April 1996. In the early years, Suitway Co., Ltd. specialized in precision plastic mold design and mold manufacturing. Plastic injection production department was established in October 2000. Then, Suitway becomes a professional factory covering injection mold development, mold manufacturing and plastic injection production, your one stop solution provider.

From development to production, all work of process can be done at one go and is done to perfection.
SUIT WAY PRECISION always takes customers into first consideration and focuses on core services.
Core service

developments, manufacturing process

professional advice and detailed interviews are the professional fields of SUIT WAY PRECISION. SUIT WAY PRECISION is capable of lowering the risks of the customers’ mold production of every piece.

Project Meeting, Intensive Discussion

Our designated personnel understand your demands. With the information you provided, we will analysis and prepare an engineering plan, so the final products will have the quality consistency that you expected.


Setting up 3D Mold Designs

After confirmation the details of the project design drawings, our staffs will build, design, draw and analyze by the computer-aided process to minimize the development time and reduce the potential errors.


Mold Manufacturing Process

Our company is well equipped, with high speed CNC milling machines, Mitsubishi CNC EDM and etc, various kind of high precision processing machines. Also, we have a list of well-reputed collaborated factories and workshops working with us. We have the ability to make all kinds of high precision molds.


Precision Mold Measurement

When the molds are completed, our senior engineers will inspect in details for all dimensions of the molds so you will have unsurpassed quantity assurance.


Mold Assembly Set-up

After confirming the dimension of the molds, our senior engineers will set up an unique assembly standard according to the design drawings. This is to ensure every dimension will be within tolerance for the assembled molds.


Machine preparation, parameter confirmation

Our engineers will prepare the injection machines with matching parameters specified for your parts. We use industry-leading servo motor controlled injection machines from FANUC and Chao-Qun, so you will have unsurpassed quality parts.


Quality Inspection, Multiple Points for Testing and Inspection

The precision measurement room is equipped with high magnification microscope, Coordinate Measuring Machines high precision roundness measurement instrument and surface roughness measuring instrument. Suitway has a comprehensive quality control management system and our senior quality inspector will inspect, test and re-test to ensure the flawless quality products.


Proper Packing, Prudent Delivery

According to your specified needs, we will properly pack the qualified articles. And we will make the shipping by the appointed date. We gave the customers our promise and you can expect high quality, and efficient delivery.


The company passed the Certification of International Standard System ISO9001:2000 in 2007. In the past years, our company has followed the spirit of ISO.