Suitway was established in Changhua, Taiwan in April 1996.
In the early years, Suitway Co., Ltd. specialized in precision plastic mold design and mold manufacturing.
Plastic injection production department was established in October 2000.
Then, Suitway becomes a professional factory covering injection mold development,
mold manufacturing and plastic injection production, your one stop solution provider.

Annual notes

Suitway was established and specialize in plastic mold designing and plastic mold manufacturing.

Plastic injection production department was set up.

Suitway was certificated by ISO9001:2000.

Laiyun Precision Molding Company was established in Dongguan, Mainland China.

Taiwan main facility expansion was completed.

We value the quality, cost and delivery, every link of the process.

Our Promise

 Demanding high standard and achieving (yield) high quality products
From mold design to production, we can precisely control every detail, carefully inspect every production procedure. The end result is exquisite high quality for every item during mass production.

 Professional Project Analysis, Offering the Customers the Most Reasonable Cost Schemes
Mold development and mold making is a very big part of capital cost. Once a mistake is made, it’s a great cost for everyone. Therefore, at the beginning of the project, we provide professional analysis on every aspect to help lowering the product defects with most efficient cost strategies.
 Time and cost efficient, the pursuit of quality, sincere delivery
Our staffs are skilled to solve every kind of production problem, aiming to use the most efficient method to provide the highest quality products.

 ISO9001:2000 Suitway is certified by International Standard Organization.
We are certificated by International Standard Organization ISO9001:2000. Our production process aimed even higher than what International Standard Organization regulates.