Total Quality Management

The precision measurement room is equipped with high magnification microscope, high precision roundness measurement instrument and surface roughness measuring instrument. We can provide the customers the excellent quality service with our quality management system.

Good quality is produced, not being inspected. We challenge the lowest defective rate by both manually and inspection instruments.

First article inspection

The result of first article inspection will determine if the mass
production can be continued.
According to quality inspection standard scheme, our quality inspectors
will inspect the first article from the beginning of production.
If all inspection criteria are met, the mass production for the next
batch will continue.
First article inspection is critical because it will eliminate various
potential problems and you will have control of the variable cost.
On-site inspection

Our quality inspectors will monitor various production condition and
parameters at fixed intervals.
This is to ensure the consistency of the production condition and hence
the consistency of the product quality.
Outgoing Quality Control

After the articles are produced, our quality inspectors will inspect,
test and recheck the specification and quality to meet with your
specific standard.
The articles will deliver only when all criteria are met.

Quality Inspection Equipments